About The Hamner

The Hamner performs cutting-edge research to improve chemical and drug safety and speed the development of new breakthrough medicines.

The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences (The Hamner) is an independent, nonprofit organization that offers an open, collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to translational biomedical research. Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, The Hamner strives to act as a catalyst with global academic institutions, industries, and government to support innovative research and rapid technology development. For nearly 40 years, Hamner scientists have been recognized world-wide for their research contributions and training programs in environmental health sciences and chemical risk assessment. The Hamner has since broadened its mission to include translational research in biopharmaceutical safety, oncology, and nanosafety.

Advances from Hamner research have contributed significantly to our understanding of human health concerns that include exposure to environmental chemicals, adverse events from prescription drugs, cancer prevention, and lung disease. Building upon this international reputation for excellence, The Hamner is poised for continued growth and exploration of new opportunities to protect public health and prevent human disease. 

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