Center for Human Health Assessment


Harvey J. Clewell, III, Ph.D., DABT, Director

By combining computational modeling of tissue dosimetry and cellular response with targeted in vitro studies, the Center for Human Health Assessment is forging a new era for human health risk assessments based on perturbation of human biology rather than on uncertain extrapolations from high-dose responses in rodents. These approaches also hold promise for accelerating the development of new pharmaceuticals and providing superior alternatives to live animal testing.

Health Assessment Experience

  • The Hamner has pioneered the application of a systems biology approach to provide integrative and quantitative tools for human health effects research.
  • Scientists affiliated with the Center for Human Health Assessment have a long history of seminal research on the effects of chemicals on human health.
  • The Hamner has well-established collaborative relationships with area research facilities and government agencies.
  • Safety and risk assessments developed for specific compounds by The Hamner staff have served as templates for similar assessments of other compounds.

Affiliated Scientists

Melvin E. Andersen, Ph.D., DABT, CIH

Jerry Campbell, Jr., Ph.D.

Harvey J. Clewell III, Ph.D., DABT

Yuching Yang, Ph.D.

Miyoung Yoon, Ph.D.