Education & Training

Since its founding, a major goal of The Hamner has been to train scientists.  As a result of its strong commitment to education over the past 37 years, alumni of The Hamner's postdoctoral and predoctoral programs have been major contributors to health effects research. To date, over 300 postdoctoral fellows and trainees, 82 predoctoral fellows, and 148 summer interns have participated in The Hamner's education programs.  Over the last decade, The Hamner has reaffirmed and expanded its commitment to the training of future scientists. In addition to its highly competitive and long-standing postdoctoral and predoctoral programs, The Hamner continues the tradition of excellence in offering educational internships for high school and undergraduate students. Additionally, The Hamner offers week-long training courses in computational systems biology for scientists in academia, industry, and government, and hosts visiting scientists from all over the world.

Education Programs:

Postdoctoral Program
Predoctoral Program
Undergraduate Program

Hamner Courses:

Current Course Offerings
PBPK Modeling
Dose Response Modeling


Postdoctoral Program

Scientists who have recently obtained advanced degrees from universities in the United States and abroad join The Hamner's postdoctoral training program to gain further research experience under the mentorship of Hamner scientists. Postdoctoral fellows hold Ph.D. degrees, while postdoctoral trainees hold D.V.M. or other advanced medical degrees and conduct their Ph.D. research at The Hamner.

Since beginning operations in 1976, The Hamner has trained over 400 postdoctoral fellows who are now enjoying rewarding careers in academia, government, and industry. Approximately 35% of former Hamner fellows are employed in the pharmaceutical industry, 25% in the chemical industry, 21% in other industries, 12% at academic institutions, and 7% at government research facilities.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Pergentino Balbuena, Ph.D. – Center for Human Health Assessment

Chad R. Deisenroth, Ph.D. – Center for Genomic Biology and Bioinformatics

YenJung Lai, Ph.D. – Center for Human Health Assessment

Zhenhong Li, Ph.D. – Center for Dose Response Modeling

Patrick McMullen, Ph.D. – Center for Dose Response Modeling

Filipe Muhale, Ph.D. – Center for Genomic Biology and Bioinformatics

Bin Sun, Ph.D. – Institute for Chemical Safety Sciences

Jeffrey Woodhead, Ph.D. – Institute for Drug Safety Sciences

Peng Xue, Ph.D.– Institute for Chemical Safety Sciences

Postdoctoral Positions

To apply for postdoctoral positions currently available at The Hamner, please visit the Careers Page.


Predoctoral Program

The Hamner awards predoctoral fellowships to Ph.D. students at area universities whose programs mesh with on-going research projects. Predoctoral fellows conduct their dissertation research at The Hamner. The staff scientist guiding the research serves on the student's doctoral committee and typically holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the university awarding the degree.

Current Predoctoral Fellows

Dr. Jingbo Pi's lab:

Yongyong Hou, M.D. (China Medical University)

Bei Yang (China Medical University)

Lijuan Zhan (China Medical University)

Hongzhi Zheng

Yanyan Chen

For more information about predoctoral fellowships at The Hamner, please contact Human Resources.


Undergraduate Program


The Hamner's internship program was introduced in 1989 to encourage promising college students to consider careers in the sciences. Under the guidance of scientific staff, interns are exposed to various facets of on-going research projects at The Hamner, including literature review, conduct of experiments, data analysis, and interpretation of results. Many of the past interns have gone on to earn graduate degrees in toxicology and related fields. Availability of internships is based on PI funding.  Please contact Human Resources to inquire about internship opportunities.

Cooperative Education Students

The Hamner cooperative education program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to integrate their academic studies with related job experience at The Hamner. Co-op students learn research methods and laboratory procedures under the mentorship of Hamner senior scientists and their research teams.

To apply for a summer internship or a co-op student position, please contact Human Resources or download an Application for Education Program form from the Application Forms Page.