Education & Training

In 1974, when The Hamner (previously CIIT) was in the planning stages, interest in environmental issues was high, and scientists who could address those issues appeared to be in short supply. Consequently, a major goal of the founding Board of Directors was to train scientists who could conduct research on the effects of environmental exposure to chemicals.

As a result of the institute's strong commitment to education over the past 29 years, alumni of The Hamner's postdoctoral and predoctoral programs have been major contributors to health effects research. To date, over 400 postdoctoral fellows and trainees, 67 predoctoral fellows, and 121 summer interns have participated in The Hamner's education programs.

In 2001, The Hamner reaffirmed and expanded its commitment to the training of future scientists. In addition to its highly competitive and long-standing postdoctoral, predoctoral, and undergraduate programs, The Hamner continues the tradition of excellence in postdoctoral training and also offers educational and outreach activities for K-12 students and teachers.

Education Programs