Toxicology & Preclinical Services


The respiratory system is an important route of entry into the body for foreign materials. Pollutants, toxic materials, bioaerosols, and pharmaceutical products may be inhaled with potentially deleterious or beneficial effects. As a part of its respiratory research mission, The Hamner Institutes has dedicated and specialized facilities to study inhaled substances. The facilities include environmental chambers where atmospheres can be maintained under well-controlled conditions for long-term, whole body inhalation of chemicals. A variety of systems are also available to conduct short-term, nose-only exposures to materials such as radioactive compounds or pharmaceuticals. Equipment to generate a wide variety of atmospheres and instruments to monitor and assess the environments are operated by a dedicated and experienced staff. Equipment to produce and characterize aerosols ranging from nanoparticles to dusts is used for inhalation or laboratory studies in conjunction with respiratory and aerosol modeling efforts at The Hamner.