Translational Research

During the past five years, The Hamner has been successfully competing for NIH grants to conduct basic and translational research in the following areas:

Metabolic Disorders

  • Hormonal regulation of metabolic networks in adipose tissue
  • Mechanisms of unrestrained hepatic gluconeogenesis and insulin resistance associated with diabetes
  • Roles of reactive oxygen species as putative signals mediating glucose-stimulated insulin secretion


  • National Cancer Institute supported program in pre-clinical efficacy testing of chemopreventive and therapeutic agents
  • DNA cancer vaccine entering Phase II trials
  • Evaluation of inhibitory RNAs as cancer therapeutics

Respiratory Disease

  • Effects of cytokine signaling and inflammatory phenotypes on airway epithelial differentiation, remodeling, and innate defense
  • Airway epithelial antiviral response in virus-induced disease exacerbation


  • Assessment of nanoparticle safety
  • Development of nanoparticle delivery systems

Scientists and Research